Kings of Old VII


The wedding was not to be an elaborate one as to the time constraint and challenges posed to the wedding. The first was to find a suitable bride and queen for the kingdom of Fiditi, Abe not having any betrothed did not make the task easy. The task was to find a young lady of good characters that will make a good queen, but, to Lomi the task was different. The next queen must be someone who possesses enormous wealth which will come handy when the east is ready to break out of the empire.
When the committee involved with enthroning a new king and finding a queen for him brought their report to Lomi, to choose one of the shortlisted ladies to be the queen. Lomi out rightly rejected their suggestions and imposed Asake, the daughter of the wealthiest man in the empire. The committee was persuaded and they agreed to name Asake as the best choice based on their research. And the next day, the committee made known their choice to the governing council of Fiditi, the council was not in total agreement with the choice of Asake, but, to save time, they decided to go ahead.
Within a couple of days, Abe and Asake were married and date was set for their coronation. All was well until the new chief priest had a terrifying nightmare he couldn’t remember on waking up. He consulted with the gods and the gods declared Abe becoming a king an abomination, saying he is from the lowest class and has no royalty in him nor his forefathers.
Upon the revelations, the chief priest rushed to residence of the governor of East zone; Lomi to warn him of impending danger upon enthronement of Abe. After he recounted all the events that prompted his emergency meeting to Lomi, Lomi thanked him and promise to do something about it to prevent a disaster. After the priest left his place, Lomi sent an assassin after him to prevent a true disaster to his plans and dreams.
The tragedy of the chief priest death did not stop Fiditi from enthroning a new king and entering into the reign of king Abe, the son of the East zone governor. The whole empire celebrated with Abe and his father; wished them well to their faces, and hoped them evil in their hearts.

After his coronation, Abe made sure Abeni does not appear before him after his father told him the danger their affair pose to their great plan. Despite his longings for her day and night, he avoided her like a plague. To help him survive better, he directed all his passions to the queen but Asake did not reciprocate, making him longs for Abeni the more.
Asake was told by her parent that the king wanted her for himself, as with the tradition of the kingdom; an unmarried lady cannot say no to the king, and she blames the king for making end her relationship with her lover; Jomi, the prime minister’s son. After her marriage and coronation, Jomi approached her for them to continue their relationship in secret, to which she agreed.
Not long after Abe’s coronation, Lomi called for his associates to determine the next course of action. It was decided that given that they had control over all the kings in the East, they should proceed to the next step in the great plan; which is for the East to have its separate military.
Disguising some of their guards and slaves as warriors of neighboring empires, Lomi ordered series of attacks on the East zone, cutting the supply channel from the East to rest of the empire. This resulted in famine in the far part of the empire. Emperor Jigan called for Lomi and all the governors; he met with them to discuss the solutions to the problems in the East.
At the end of meeting, it was decided and authority was given to Lomi to create and build a strong military force in the East that will help combat the invading forces, restore the supply channel and end famine in the empire. With the consent from the emperor, Lomi started a military force consisting of only people from the East. He allowed the fake attacks to continue, but, on a lower frequency, to avoid suspicions from other governors and the emperor while he continued to strengthen the East military force, building several outlooks at the borders, fortresses, infantries and barracks.
The emperor and the rest of the governors did not suspect a thing; they commended him for helping the empire fights foreign invaders. To help them and commend the efforts of East military, emperor Jigan reduced the tax from the east to allow them extra funds for the military.


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