Unrequited love.

Like a rose I am,
Sitting rich, vibrant and content,
With my beauty made evident,
By warm rays of sunlight.
The butterflies sniff around me
And Like a moth drawn to the fire,
Are they drawn to my allure.
Yet even as they desire me,
I desire not to be possessed .
My thorns use I,
Unwanted attention to shield from.

But a day comes,
Refused to be set back,
By beautiful imperfections,
My thorns he Picked out.
One by one until none left
And surrender I finally do.
For here is one,
Worthy of my desire
whose attention I shy not from
But rather reveling in it.

Unknown to me,
I’m naught but a conquest to him.
having conquered my inhibitions,
No use has he for me anymore.
With no thorns to shield from the pain
And neither water to nourish,
Nor love to sustain,
My red vibrant coat
brown with neglect it turns.
And with passing time,
A bitter shade of black
Even as I die in hate.

Tobi Ajilore

IG; tobiloba.aji