The derpyness of ANACONDAS!
You’re more than that in a million,
Quick put wallets in DANGERS,
Of manless mad men.
They’re manless men,
The goats that play near the cooking pots,
When the music changes,
They don’t change dances,
They dance with a serpent.
You cry more than tears,
When money  appears,
Bribing your sexy burners,
Poor men in dangers
Thinking they’re winners,
Aren’t you more than a serpent?
Every closed eye isn’t sleeping,
Every open eye isn’t seeing,
Manless men neither sleeping,
Nor do they seeing,
Better crossing monkey bars,
Not manless men cheering,
When they see a serpent coming.
They don’t wear even socks,
On they boneless sticks,
When they enjoy the venom,
Till it’s too late,
They remember a serpent woman
While burning into toxic.
The tree forgets the axe,
The  river forgets the source,
The tree’s cut off
The river dries up!
Hear what they say,
It’s only a witch!
You ANACONDAS of money manless men,
You’re more than a serpent

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