The Secret Truth of the Forest.

A story their father told them

A story of prophecy and illusion

A story of Iroko, Mahogany and the Oak


Kings of Old VII

The tragedy of the chief priest death did not stop Fiditi from enthroning a new king and entering into the reign of king Abe, the son of the East zone governor.

Kings of Old VI

He immediately calls an emergency meeting with his allies to discuss the next course of actions. It was decided for them to work together and rescue Abe at all costs. Lomi suggested killings of the kings in the east, but the group declined and insisted on waiting for their natural death; citing that all the kings are old and bound to die soon.

Kings of Old V

After a bit of incantations, frowning of face, shaking of his head and spiting on the ground; the priest told the king that the gods are not happy with him for marrying a witch and if he refuses to remove and denounce her as a queen of the land, more and worse misfortunes will befall Fiditi.

Kings of Old IV

……And later that day, the king called an emergency meeting with the royal council and well to-do citizens of Fiditi. And in their presence he crowned Abe as the Crown-Prince and also announced Abe the next king of Fiditi after him…….

Kings of Old III.

King Lami marrying Sidi was for two reasons; one he was told by the chief priest of Fiditi that Sidi is mother of kings and emperors to come, and also to get his hands on the wealth of her father. Musi is reportedly the richest man in the empire. Musi deals in clothes and clothing materials and this has made him well known throughout the Oyo Empire and its environs. 

The kings of old. II

During first year of reign of Emperor Jigan, the Emperor of the whole Oyo kingdom; in the Far East village of Fiditi, a boy was born to the family of Adio and Ajiun. Adio was a poor farmer and barely makes enough to feed his family. His family includes twin girls, Bili and Bola; his wife, Ajiun; and his newly born son, Abe. Adio was a social outcast, rejected by his friends and family. He lived with his family in a small hut outskirt of the village. So, when his son was born, nobody knew and nobody came to wish him and his son well. The birth of Abe was totally unknown to the populace of Fiditi. Abe grew up in the small hut believing the whole world is limited to his family, their hut and the small farm behind it. He started to work on the farm when he was three years old, even still as a little boy Abe was strong and hardworking. When he was eleven, he singlehandedly expanded their family farmland double its size; tripling their farm produce and thus, providing more for his family.