Sounds of loud voices and agony echoed around the palace, tears flows like warm spring off the faces of the royal family and total silence befell Umudim when the women of the kingdom ran to the palace in fear and great shock, panting like an antelope who had just denied a leopard dinner. They had come to report another case of alu (abomination) one that cannot be spoken with words of mouth but only seen.

No one knows yet what it really is, but the women, who are first hand eye witnesses of this alu. Lolo, now a widow, alongside prince Uzodima’s, soon to become Igwe, Aturu nta, the chief priest and the other Ichies including Nnodim, are now journeying to the river Nze of Umudim, which at this point is almost dry, where the alu was reported as seen.


​SLAVERY(For the love of Africa)

My sister maidens, their cooks, their whore.                                                             And have me look on while they whore.     Meals are a luxury, no matter how small.   But I must heed, to dawn call.


Many time Adaku would lay her body down for the guards just to be informed. Her excuse; ‘the white man says: ‘knowledge is power'” .Adaku will say, defending her immorality.